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In protest of apathy. The case of Panjim, Goa


Whenever I mention that I grew up in Goa, those who have heard of it react with wonder and curiosity, both of which are almost always laced with a twinge of envy. India’s smallest state is synonymous with beaches, hippies, trance music, vindalhoo, and, to my enormous displeasure, drugs. To me, however, Goa signifies lush paddy fields in a shade of green I still cannot define, coconut palms framing soothing sunsets, and whitewashed churches in perfect harmony alongside colourful temples. As a child, I of course took these landscapes for granted. As a fresh-faced architecture graduate, I came to better appreciate the state’s well-kept public gardens, pastel-coloured facades and bustling marketplaces. As an expat who has now been away for more than a decade, my heart breaks a little for the Goa that awaits me each time I return, with streets choked by rule-flouting cars, off-shore casinos that are killing the capital’s main river, and my favourite beach littered with plastic and beer bottles. This viewpoint is both a form of protest against the growing apathy evident in my hometown and also a plea to better cherish our public spaces.


Pages:107 to 110
Section: Viewpoint
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Kambli, N. (2017) “In protest of apathy. The case of Panjim, Goa”, The Journal of Public Space, 2(4), pp. 107-110. doi: 10.5204/jps.v2i4.145.
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Independent Researcher (Freelance)
Belgium Belgium
Passionate about public spaces and social justice, Namita's research interests lie in place-making and in the creation of people-oriented, humane smart cities. As a Doctoral Scholar, she was the first person from the University of Auckland to receive a PhD in Urban Design. She is currently based in Brussels, Belgium and is working as a researcher on projects related to boosting citizen engagement in smart cities.


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