Jeroen Laven
Anna Louise Bradley
Levente Polyak


The importance of public space as a foundation for good cities is recognised across Europe at a policy level  and also amongst practitioners. Placemaking Europe, previously known as the European Placemaking Network, is a fresh network connecting a growing number of practitioners, academics, community leaders, market parties and policy makers working on public spaces in ways that give due consideration to placemaking and the City at Eye Level. Through this approach, Placemaking Europe shares knowledge, exchanges ideas, and actively shapes collaborative projects.


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Laven, J., Bradley, A. L. and Polyak, L. (2019) “Placemaking in the European context. The movement is here to stay”, The Journal of Public Space, 4(1), pp. 135–154. doi: 10.32891/jps.v4i1.1159.
Author Biographies

Jeroen Laven, STIPO / Placemaking Europe

Jeroen Laven is a partner at STIPO, team for urban development. He is the chair of Placemaking Europe, the European Placemaking Network that pushes placemaking. 

Anna Louise Bradley, STIPO / Placemaking Europe

Anna Louise Bradley is an urban researcher at STIPO and network manager within Placemaking Europe. Her research at STIPO contributes towards the JPI PlaceCity project in order to uncover and define placemaking tools using Oslo and Vienna as case cities with many international partners.
She has received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto looking closely at the connection between mental illness, environmental inputs, and epigenetics. Moving forward, under the Masters of Human Geography at Utrecht University, she will investigate the relationship between the built environment, habitual behaviours, and well being, while especially considering influence from power relations.
Particular interests for Anna include developing lighter-quicker-cheaper interventions with communities towards long term solutions, specifically with communities facing uprooted living situations. She has explored this pursuit through her work with Emergency Architecture & Human Rights with Syrian refugees and Jordanian locals in Azraq Village, Jordan. Further, she is passionate to develop the urban context to be more inclusive and safe using wayfinding strategies to boost physical access, fitness, sense of belonging, and ultimately well being benefits.

Levente Polyak, Eutropian

Levente Polyak is urban planner, researcher and policy adviser. He has worked on urban regeneration programmes for the New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities. He taught at MOME and BUTE (Budapest) and TU Wien, he was visiting fellow at Columbia University and the ENSA Paris-Malaquais and holds a PhD in Sociology from the Central European University. He is editor of Cooperative City, co-founder of Eutropian Research & Action (Vienna-Rome) and member of KÉK (Budapest). He has been working as expert in URBACT networks (Temporary Use as a Tool for Urban Regeneration, Interactive Cities, ACTive NGOs) and Urban Innovative Actions projects (Curing the Limbo). In the past years, he has been researching new organisational and economic models of community-led urban development projects and methodologies of civic ecosystem-building, co-authoring the books Vacant City, Civil Város and Funding the Cooperative City.