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Photographing Public Spaces in Hong Kong


Photographing urban space has always been my interest, even before I entered architectural school and began my career as an architect. When I was still at school, I already enjoyed observing, through my camera, on how the complex yet limited public spaces in Hong Kong accommodated the diverse and spontaneous street life. Studying & practising in architecture further shaped my interest in exploring Hong Kong’s urban topics beyond the visuals. My approach in urban photography promotes spatial aesthetics that embrace diverse cultures in public space, and controversially suggests how we introspect our way & attitude living in contemporary cities. 

Pages:199 to 212
Section: Viewpoint
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Mak, K. (2019) “Photographing Public Spaces in Hong Kong”, The Journal of Public Space, 4(2), pp. 199-212. doi:

Author Biography

1km Studio
Hong Kong Hong Kong

Kevin is an architect and urban & architectural photographer, active on Instagram as @kingymak. He believes urban photography could suggest how we introspect our way & attitude living in contemporary cities, and promote the urban spatial aesthetics that embrace diverse cultures.
Practising as an architect for more than 10 years on international urban & cultural related projects, Kevin specifically photographs urban spaces with in-depth interpretation related to urban & architectural phenomenons. Taking a more multidisciplinary approach towards architecture, his founded 1km Studio in 2018 to work on design, research, & photography documentation in parallel to his role working as an architect in an international firm. He also curates and collaborates with exhibitions, galleries, and brands with his urban photographic works.
Kevin also co-founded a Hong Kong signboard heritage concern platform @streetsignhk in 2017, they have since been well engaged in signboard-streetscape preservation works, exhibitions & community projects - putting the enthusiasm on urban spatial aesthetics into practice.

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