Selene Angelone
Jose Chong
Esteban Leon
Chiara Martinuzzi
Isabel Parra
Mathias Spaliviero
Rosa Surinach


Current trends of urbanization, climate emergencies and the COVID-19 pandemic have put our cities under a threatening pressure. Local governments were at the frontline in taking actions against the spread of COVID-19, implementing several inspiring initiatives, interventions and projects. UN-Habitat experiences such as the City Resilience Global Programme, the Global Public Space Programme and the City Resilience Action Planning Tool, are examples of good practices to cope with the current crisis, increase urban resilient and prevent future events. Socio-economic recovery plans post COVID-19 can accelerate global agendas for sustainable development and enable strategic change toward building better cities.


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Angelone, S., Chong, J., Leon, E., Martinuzzi, C., Parra, I., Spaliviero, M. and Surinach, R. (2021) “Building Better Cities to Recover Faster and Stronger: Sustainable Urbanisation Requires Resilient Communities”, The Journal of Public Space, 6(2). doi: 10.32891/jps.v6i2.1502.
Author Biographies

Esteban Leon, UN-Habitat, City Resilience Global Programme

Esteban has a background in economics and over two decades building local capacities, designing and managing shelter, housing and settlement programs in pre and post-crisis situations, and building urban resilience. He has been working for UN-Habitat since 2002, based in Nairobi, Geneva, Panama and Barcelona.

Chiara Martinuzzi, UN-Habitat, Global Public Space Programme

Chiara Martinuzzi, architect and urban planner at UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme since 2019. She supports the work of the Block by Block Program and HerCity project to implement inclusive and sustainable cities. With a focus on gender and marginalized communities, Chiara provides technical assistance to local partners and contributes to the development of innovative guidelines and normative products to mainstream equality in urban projects.


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