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Vol 6 No 2 (2021)

Cover image: Site visit in Rome promoted by Ecomuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros
Cover image: Site visit in Rome promoted by Ecomuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros

P R E V I E W  (full issue available online by the end of 2022) 

Editor: Luisa Bravo

Published: 2021-11-22
  • Communities and Resilience
    Luisa Bravo
  • Community Resilience and the Future of Urban Spaces
    Simone d'Antonio
  • New Cultural Centers as Spaces of Opportunities
    Roberta Franceschinelli
  • Problematising/Contextualising Resilience
    Darko Radović, Davisi Boontharm
  • Vincere Vincere: Social Cohesion = Resilience
    Martin Brennan
  • Towards a Resilient Community
    Daniela Hidalgo Molina, Nathalie Wong
  • Resilient Communities in the Informal Settlements of Medellin
    Inés Aquilué
  • Bonding, Bridging, and Linking
    Alex Jachnow
  • Design for Resilience in the Everyday Space
    Maurice Harteveld
  • Resilient Communities are Flourishing Communities based on Public Space
    Setha Low
  • The Gezi Park Protest Space and the Novel Urban Commons
    Manfredo Manfredini
  • Beyond the ‘I’
    Gregor Mews
  • The Za’atari Refugee Camp
    Margherita Moscardini
  • Droplaugarstaðir. An Icelandic Resilient and Cosmopolitan Community
    Massimo Santanicchia
  • Hong Kong’s Bishop Hill Community
    Hendrik Tieben, Ying-Fen Chen
  • Community Resilience and the Co-creation of Urban Spaces
    Guido Robazza, Silvio Caputo
  • Building Better Cities to Recover Faster and Stronger
    Selene Angelone, Jose Chong, Esteban Leon, Chiara Martinuzzi, Isabel Parra, Mathias Spaliviero, Rosa Surinach
  • Guidelines for a Resilient Urban Landscape
    Marilena Baggio
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