Hang In There. Image created by Ayşegül Altınel.

Innovative Approaches and Creative Practices in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday May 14, 1.00 - 2.30 pm CET

Series 1 (May) - Webinar 2

This webinar is part of the initiative '2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19 Pandemic'.
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Hosts & Moderators

Luisa Bravo, City Space Architecture & The Journal of Public Space, Italy
Hendrik Tieben, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Architecture, Hong Kong

Event managers

Stephanie Cheung & Yin-Fen Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Speakers - Artists / Art producers affiliated to IN SITU - European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space

Jay Wahl, Kimmel Center For The Performing Arts, Philadelphia, USA
Yena Young, Plastique Fantastique, Berlin, Germany

Discussion. Chair: Luisa Bravo

  1. Are you rethinking your art practice during the pandemic?

  2. How the pandemic will affect your work in the future?

  3. Did you find any source of inspiration from common people's creative responses during the pandemic?


Speakers - Academic scholars
Chair: Manfredo Manfredini

Manfredo Manfredini,  The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Expert in comparative urbanism and architecture, and urban informatics

Andrea Baldini, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
Expert in art theory and aesthetics with a focus on everyday and urban creativity

Kirsten Meredith Hanna, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
Expert in Communication and Children Rights in Public Policy

Franco Manai, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Expert in Cultural Studies and Post-Colonial Literature


Round table discussion (all speakers). Chair: Hendrik Tieben

What are the most significant transformation in:

  1. The conception, planning and development of creative intervention and practices? 

  2. The fruition, perception and collaborative production of creative interventions?

How do creative interventions contribute to shape general awareness about the current health and economic emergency?

Q&A Session - engagement with the audience, managed by Yin-Fen Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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Watch this one and our future videos on City Space Architecture's Youtube playlist '2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19 Pandemic'.



>>> Reading materials

On Plastique Fantastique creative projects during the pandemic:
- ‘A design studio wants to put doctors in air-locked rooms to protect them from the coronavirus while treating patients — here's how it works’ on Business Insider (May 6 2020)
- Plastique Fantastique’s website: https://plastique-fantastique.de/

#ArtHappensAtHome, visit the Kimmel Center's Twitter profile.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Revitalizing Everyday Creativity’ by Andrea Baldini on Sixth Tone (April 20, 2020): 

SOCOD-19 project: https://www.socod19.com/