Zala Velkavrh
Alenka Korenjak
Klara Otorepec
Maša Cvetko


Some urban spaces are more dynamic than others. While the city centre, suburban areas and consumption spaces are rapidly changing and re-shaping, other parts of our cities seem to be stuck in time, in a permanent standstill. Such areas include stagnant construction sites, green areas and public squares in old housing estates and many forgotten, marginal public spaces scattered across the city. Conventional planning tools might be too slow, too weak or too broad to revitalise such spaces. We propose a different, interventionist approach. Temporary interventions have the power to change the planning process, involve more people and require less time.


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Velkavrh, Z., Korenjak, A., Otorepec, K. and Cvetko, M. (2019) “To Build the City on Temporary Success”, The Journal of Public Space, 4(3), pp. 41–60. doi: 10.32891/jps.v4i3.1220.
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Author Biographies

Zala Velkavrh, prostoRož

Zala Velkavrh is a project manager, writer and event organiser. She works with prostoRož since 2012 where she blends her knowledge of marketing communications with participatory urbanism. She is the co-author of VOBI, a user-friendly digital guide through the Slovenian bureaucracy. Her articles on topics related to sustainable urban development and civic engagement were published in Slovenian newspaper, magazines and international journals.

Alenka Korenjak, prostoRož

Alenka Korenjak is one of the co-founders of prostoRož. As a trained architect, she has experience in designing public space projects where cross-sectoral cooperation and communication with inhabitants plays a crucial role. She is an expert in architectural planning and detailing and possess knowledge on legal matters about temporary use, public space interventions, building and use permits. She believes that architecture should always pay  attention to the everyday needs of people and offer creative solutions, and at the same time create sufficient profit and improve the quality of life.

Klara Otorepec, prostoRož

Klara Otorepec is a radio journalist, publicist and communication manager. She is also a trained social pedagogue who received an honorary faculty award for her bachelor thesis. In the past, she has been active in different student and other groups dealing with current global issues such as precarization, globalization, economic sustainability, equal rights, migrations, etc. At the moment she is mainly focused on feminist topics and agenda. She joined prostoRož in 2019.

Maša Cvetko, prostoRož

Maša Cvetko is one of the co-founders of prostoRož. She is a trained architect and an experienced project manager in the field of tactical urbanism and sustainable urban development. She also has experience in working in the fields of scenography, industrial and graphic design and artistic projects dealing with public space.