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Call for papers | 2019 issues


The Journal of Public Space welcomes full papers for 2019 issues, to be published in April, August and December.

Deadline for April issue: January 10
Deadline for August issue: May 10
Deadline for December issue: September 10

Submissions will be ongoing throughout the year.
Submission can be made:
- using the OJS platform by registering online. If you are already a registered author you can log in using your username and password;
- by sending an email to the Editor in chief Luisa Bravo at this email address:

Before submitting, please read:
- the Submission Preparation Checklist
- the Author Guidelines

Full papers should be between 5.000 and 8.000 words.

A double blind peer review process, based on a distinguished board of editors and editorial advisors, will ensure the quality and high standards of research papers. Each paper will be assessed by two reviewers and any identifying information in relation to the author will be removed during the review process.
Reviewers follow an evaluation framework and recommendation guidelines to ensure objectivity and fairness.
Submitted articles should not have been previously published. If publication or dissemination through presentation has occurred, then the article should acknowledge this and pay due credit to the original source.

Read more about the Editorial Team.

  • 2018-11-09

    Vol. 3, n. 2 new issue 'Art and Activism in Public Space' has been launched in Barcelona


    The new issue 'Art and Activism in Public Space' has been launched in Barcelona, as part of the SkypeLab Sympolab at RMIT Europe, Media-TIC located in the 22@ Innovation District.

    The launch of the new issue 'Art and Activism in Public Space' took place at RMIT Europe, Media-TIC, Level 5, Room 3,117 Carrer de Roc Boronat, located in the 22@ Innovation District, on November 21 at 6.00pm.  It was  introduced by Estanislau Roca Blanch, Vice Rector of Infrastructure and Architecture at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, together with our Editor in Chief Luisa Bravo and our Guest Editor and Member of the Scientific Committee Maggie McCormick.

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  • 2018-11-09

    Call for papers | Special Issue December 2019


    Public health and well-being in public open spaces through climate responsive urban planning and design
    (tentative title)
    Guest Editors:  Silvia Tavares, David Sellars, Greg Mews, Karine Dupré and Christhina Cândido

    Urban life allows for people to move between climate-controlled environments, including homes cars, offices and so forth. The planning and design of urban spaces, on the other hand, largely define the way we live affecting our health as it can, for instance, promote or hinder active lifestyles, social cohesion and access to healthy food choices. Climate responsive planning and design are, therefore, key to secure a healthy urban lifestyle.

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