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Vol. 8 n. 1 | 2023

#1359 - NOT ACCEPTED / Urban Agriculture and the Political Publicness of Urban Space

#1466 - NOT ACCEPTED / A Conceptual Framework for Healthy Streets

#1485 - Public Space and City Functions

#1648 - ACCEPTED/ Neoliberal Legal Systems and the Implications for Madrid’s Urban Spaces

#1649 - WITHDRAW / Spatial Denial and Displacement: Exploring the Literary Lineage of Protest Sites (Public Spaces)

#1656 - ACCEPTED / Creating New Public Spaces: The New York City Plaza Program 

#1349 - Women’s experience of gender-based violence in mass public transit systems of selected public urban spaces of Harare, Zimbabwe

#1118 - NOT ACCEPTED / Constructing Shared Space from Intersubjective Temporality

#1123 - NOT ACCEPTED / Changing socio-spatial systems of urban living in 20th century Iraq

#1446 - NOT ACCEPTED / Questioning the Emptiness of Brasília’s Public Spaces. The case of Conic

#1212 - The Production of Space in the Waste Economy. Waste-picking in the Tondo Manila Bay Area

#1194 - NOT ACCEPTED / Reclaiming Public Space. Participation to make public spaces more gender sensitive in Amman, Jordan

#1182 - The role of planners in public open space production in contemporary African cities

#1177 - Spatial evolution and sustainability: the case of public open spaces in Nairobi

#1277 - Declining access to recreational public open spaces and its potential effects on quality of life in Nairobi City County, Kenya

#1670 - WITHDRAW / Inclusive Space for all: Get FIT Inclusivity Self-Assessment Scorecard

#1773 - Retrofitting public space: pathways for adding public spaces in existing urban fabric


Vol. 8 n. 2 | 2023

#1348 - ACCEPTED / The Relationship between Park Design and Seniors’ Use of Green Spaces in X’ian, China

#1595 - ACCEPTED / The “In-Between”: The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on the Old Town of Batroun

#1633 - Public space and public life in two informal settlements in India

#1652 - ACCEPTED / Toward Socio-Spatial Equity in Public Space: Urban Design for Street Vendors in Hyderabad

#1653 - WITHDRAW / Deep Learning Analytics for Pre-post Evaluation of Tactical Urbanism Interventions: The Case of Bologna

#1658 - ACCEPTED / On Top of Sustainability: Exploring Rooftops as Sites of Urban (Cultural) Sustainability Transformation

#1646 - ACCEPTED / Barcelona’s Superblocks as Spaces for Research and Experimentation

#1553 - Rapid Urban Growth effects with corresponding to the Open spaces within the Zanzibar City

#1125 - Have the accumulated social, symbolic, and material values of public spaces paved the way for making better community places in Beirut?

#1171 - NOT ACCEPTED / Urban renewal and social practices in a place of memories. The Alameda Central park in Mexico City

#1214 - WITHDRAW / Enhancing the Level of Walkability in Public Open Spaces: The Case of Salamis Street, Famagusta

#1356 - WITHDRAW / Publicness of Public Spaces in Metropolitan City of a Developing Country: The Case of Lahore, Pakistan

#1164 - The Role of Informality in Shaping Public Space in India. A Case of Street Vendor Evictions in Bengaluru

#1328 - NOT ACCEPTED / “Protect homeless’ children from temporary and repaid construction shelters for Syrian homeless children in the north of Syria

#1297 - COVID-19 and the Conflation of Place

#1246 - Social Studies of Public Spaces. Methods and Indicators in Case of Kabul City, Afghanistan


Vol. 8 n. 3 | 2023

Thematic issue: Mapping Urban Injustices in Public Space: Challenges and Opportunities
developed in cooperation with AESOP - Association of European Schools of Planning


Vol. 9 n. 1 | 2024

Thematic issue: Mapping Resilient Communities


Vol. 9 n. 2 | 2024

developed in cooperation with The University of Auckland - Waipapa Taumata Rau, New Zealand
School of Architecture and Planning – Te Pare, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries


Vol. 9 n. 3 | 2024

Thematic issue: Academic Youth Perspectives on Gender Transformative Urban Participation, Planning and Design
developed in cooperation with UN-Habitat


Vol. 9 n. 4 | 2024

Thematic issue: Public Space and Placemaking. Evaluating the Impact on Youth Health and Wellbeing
a contribution to the Young Gamechangers Initiative (YGI) led by UN-Habitat and founded by Fondation Botnar


Vol. 10 n. 1 | 2025

Thematic issue: Public Space and Placemaking in African Cities
developed in collaboration with CAPS - Centre on African Public Spaces


Vol. 10 n. 2 | 2025

Thematic issue: Past Present and Future of Public Space
best papers from the conference organized by City Space Architecture


Vol. 10 n. 3 | 2025

Thematic issue: Temporary transformation, appropriation and co-creation of public space
developed in collaboration with John Bela and Ryan Smolar