Ye (Sherry) Liu


This paper argues that the loss of cultural memories is an essential issue that challenges the social transformation in Chinese rural regeneration and proposes 'reinhabiting the place' as a potential to empower the traditional community and contribute to renewing cultural connections. Based on my experience of the residency period and other artists' practice on the Huaniao Island, this portfolio explores 'culture aphasia' in the rural revitalization of Huaniao island. It investigates the 2nd Huaniao Island International Public Art Festival's social engagement practice and explores how creative strategies operate to reinhabit the place and re-establish cultural connections. The text explores how artists work proactively with residents and visitors, reconstruct the cultural memories, and renew affective engagement of the community.


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Liu, Y. (Sherry) (2022) “Reinhabiting in Huaniao Island: Creative Practices Work on Challenging ‘Culture Aphasia’ Issues in Rural Regeneration”, The Journal of Public Space, 7(3), pp. 101–116. doi: 10.32891/jps.v7i3.1592.
Author Biography

Ye (Sherry) Liu, RMIT University

Ye (Sherry) Liu is a current PhD candidate in the School of Art, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Sherry's artistic practice investigates how affective engagement operates for rebuilding connections among nature, people and the community, and how creative practice illuminates the value of multi-cultural communities. Her works focus on affect, socially engagement, community reshaping, exploring relational aesthetics and connective aesthetics to challenge the public to reconsider our community and environment. Recently, Sherry has worked in Xuzhou and Huaniao Island, and initiated socially engaged art projects in both sites. She is exploring how multicultural communities live together and adjust in new community environments. Her texts have appeared in the Public Art Journal (China) and the Journal of Artistic Research (JAR Online).


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