Emma Anna


This paper takes the form of personal memoir as a reflection on art in the public domain and a means by which to re-tell the conceptual development and evolution of IMAG_NE, a concrete poem and public sculpture. The concept was first developed for my Masters of Arts (Art in Public Space) at RMIT University. Initially an aid to assist my own personal creative evolution, the artwork has now toured as an ephemeral installation to communities across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States of America and has been widely used as a tool to promote community initiatives and collective visioning. Joseph Beuys’s theories of a “social sculpture” are drawn upon as a conceptual framework to underpin IMAG_NE and its agenda to promote individual and societal change. The power of the human imagination is evoked in an ongoing conference with a broad range of sites, communities and individuals. The impact of IMAG_NE is demonstrated through key examples including its appearance at numerous large public sculpture festivals and significant cultural sites. Recent developments surrounding the work’s presence in the Central Coast community of New South Wales, Australia, provides further evidence of the work’s importance and impact, and motivation for the continuation of the project into the post-Covid 19 pandemic era.


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Anna, E. (2022) “ACT_VISION: Inspiring Change and Acts of Creative Visioning”, The Journal of Public Space, 7(3), pp. 143–156. doi: 10.32891/jps.v7i3.1593.
RMIT University: Master of Arts (Art in Public Space)
Author Biography

Emma Anna, RMIT University

Emma Anna is an Australian-born artist and curator currently living and working between Australia and Colombia. Prior to establishing her independent practice, Emma worked for many years as a senior designer and communications specialist within the design and architecture industries in Australia. Since 2011 she has expanded her practice to the Americas, basing her practice in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 2015 she founded the independent art space La Casa Verde (The Green House) with Colombian artist and academic Fernando García Vásquez in the historic El Prado district of Barranquilla. Emma’s public art career has largely focused on delivering interactive and ephemeral artworks for local governments. She is inspired by the work and teachings of Joseph Beuys and draws upon many of his ideas to discuss issues related to community, nature, the power of the human imagination to manifest change, and the role of creativity in community building and wellbeing. Emma is a key figure in the world collage community, using the techniques of this medium to further explore ideas surrounding construction and deconstruction of place and self, and how collage can help personal and community healing following traumatic events.
Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts Communications, University of Technology, Sydney. Master of Arts (Art in Public Space), RMIT University, Melbourne. 


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