Leonardo Parra-Agudelo


For this issue, I was asked to provide a viewpoint on the experience of public space as someone that has been involved in graffiti and street art for more than ten years. My involvement with these two forms of street interventions, that for outsiders co-exist and for insiders collide, is mostly situated in Bogota, Colombia. The living conditions of the inhabitants of the capital city of a country embedded in more than fifty years of internal violence were, and still are, precarious for many but not so much for me. I was raised in a middle class home and was well taken care of.


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Parra-Agudelo, L. (2016) “This is My City”, The Journal of Public Space, 1(1), pp. 147–150. doi: 10.5204/jps.v1i1.16.
Author Biography

Leonardo Parra-Agudelo, Queensland University of Technology

Leonardo Parra-Agudelo is a designer and PhD candidate at the Urban Informatics Research Lab, at QUT. His research interest lies at the intersection of people, place and design and is currently about using design for social change from the bottom-up. His work has been showcased in different venues around the globe, including the Chelsea Art Museum and Flux Factory in New York, Sónar International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art at Barcelona, and numerous other events in Colombia.