Mick Abbott
Jacky Bowring


Designing is an experimental practice. Eschewing traditional concepts of designing as simply solving problems, and ideas of research as a positivist pursuit of truth, Landscope DesignLab embraces an expansive perspective of design-directed research.  Using the tools of questioning, collaborating, designing, grounding and communicating, the DesignLab explores the terrains of possibility.  Working within an inter-disciplinary milieu fosters strong connections, and seizes the generative possibilities of problems, questions, absences, and data. 


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Abbott, M. and Bowring, J. (2017) “A laboratory for design-directed research. Building design scholarship and academic possibility through designing”, The Journal of Public Space, 2(3), pp. 41–52. doi: 10.5204/jps.v2i3.112.
Chapter I
Author Biographies

Mick Abbott, Lincoln University, School of Landscape Architecture

Dr Mick Abbott is Director of Landscope DesignLab and Associate Professor at Lincoln University’s School of Landscape Architecture in Christchurch. His research and teaching focus on the identification and application of design-directed research methods as they relate to landscape futures and conservation landscapes. This involves research projects with government agencies, iwi, community groups and industry in both Aotearoa New Zealand and China

Jacky Bowring, Lincoln University, School of Landscape Architecture

Jacky Bowring is Full Professsor at the Landscope DesignLab, School of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln University, Christchurch. Her key research and teaching interests are design theory and design critique, with particular focus on emotion and landscape.  Jacky’s research uses methods of traditional scholarship, designing and critique.