Behnam Zakeri
Morteza Niknahad


Iran has a special position in the world geographically, politically, socially, culturally and artistically. Mentioned features lead the intellectual and artistic atmosphere of the Iranian community to a certain extent that causes most of the artists to make an inspiration source out of social constraints. In the meantime, many artists choose urban and urban space, many openly criticize the community in the language of art, some are trying to improve the city-human relationship so that people behave the city more responsibly.
Urban space identical to generality and accessibility has ever been a channel for many artists. In addition to the city's mysterious mysteries, and the source of plurality of the population, it also occasionally displays a face of stillness and silence. With all its limitations and disadvantages, the city provides an experience of diversity and proliferation of new images; urban space, as it always is visible and accessible, is not considered as an important subject, and this could make the urban space invisible. This feature has become a commonplace in the great cities of modern life. For the first time, the cinema depicted the invisible face of the city, a monotonous and routine image that always faces the eyes of the people, now its features and aesthetic appeal have been discovered, and in this direction, the diminutive visual improvisation towards the city became more conscious.


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Zakeri, B. and Niknahad, M. (2017) “About Public Place. A joint work of Behnam Zakeri and Morteza Niknahad”, The Journal of Public Space, 2(4), pp. 103–106. doi: 10.5204/jps.v2i4.144.
Author Biographies

Behnam Zakeri, Visual Artist and Photographer

Behnam Zakeri
1991, born in Iran.
Solo Exhibitions:
– Public Place, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, July 2016 (IR)
– Its Incipience ; Garmsary Gallery, Bandar Abbas, October 2013 (IR)
Selected Group Exhibitions:  
– Jimei and Arles International Photo Festival, Xiamen, China, 25 November – 3 January 2018 (CN)
– “Iran: Year 38”, Les Rencontres d’Arles Festival, Église Sainte-Anne, Arles (FR) / 3 July – 24 Sep 2017 (FR)
– Merci Poesi is the Gothenburg International Poetry Festival  – World Culture Museum , Gothenburg , April 2017 (SE)
– Mordad Gallery Opening; Mordad Gallery, Bandar Abbas, January 2017 (IR)
– Before the After; Garmsary Gallery, Bandar Abbas, February 2015 (IR)
– The 9th Ordibehesht of Hormozgan festival, Garmsary Gallery , Bandar Abbas, 2014 (IR)
– The 11th Image of the Year, Iran Artists’ House, Tehran, March 2014 (IR)
– The 2nd Tehran Expo Iran Artists’ House, Tehran, November 2013 (IR)
– The 8th  Ordibehesht of Hormozgan festival , Bandar Abbas, August 2013 (IR)
Artist Talks:
A personal view, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, 2017 (IR)
Arles 2017, Components, Approaches, Events, Mordad Gallery, Bandar Abbas 2017 (IR)
Experiences, Farhang Hall, Bandar Jask, 2017 (IR).

Morteza Niknahad, Photographer

Morteza Niknahad
1984, born in Bandar Abbas, Iran.
Short Films:
Red island 2015
Snow in Mr. Abbas’s seaport 2013
Unpublished dialogues of Jaleh 2012
Solo Exhibition:
- Public Place, Azad art Gallery, Tehran, July 2016 (IR)
Photo Exhibitions:
- Iran : Year 38 , jimei Arles China 2017
- IRAN: YEAR 38, les rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France, July to August 2017 (FR)
- Merci Poesi is the Gothenburg International Poetry Festival  – World Culture Museum , Gothenburg , April 2017 (SE)
“Mixed Realities”, Frankfurt Berger street, 2017(DE)
"Every Day Iran Project" , Silk Road Art gallery 2016(IR)
"Personal Reality",Mordad Gallery, 2017(IR)
"Personal Reality", Taropood Art gallry 2016(IR)
"Before the After" Garmsary Gallery, Bandar Abbas, February 2015 (IR)