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Placemaking in Arab Cities



Guest Editor: Dr Mona Helmy 
Managing Editor: Dr Luisa Bravo 

Placemaking is often understood as an approach to the planning, design and management of public places by which people iteratively create and recreate places. In the context of the Arab cities, placemaking projects are often envisaged to transform communities into lively, beautiful and attractive places, to enhance quality of life and opportunity for existing residents, and to (re)create a distinct sense of place. Exploring how contemporary Arab cities have framed placemaking processes within the contemporary urban conditions, and sometimes the threats to the quality of the city, are helping in creating more healthy, equitable, and human-scale public places. Such challenges and opportunities will be a core component of this special issue of the Journal of Public Space. This planned special issue therefore wishes to exploring public space and placemaking process in Arab cities, both from a theoretical and design perspective, including placemaking activities fostering community engagement. 

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Current Issue

Vol 4 No 1 (2019)
Cover image: Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. Picture by Eric Fecken
Cover image: Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. Picture by Eric Fecken
Published: 2019-05-31
  • Strengthening our civil servants' mission for the common good
    Luisa Bravo
  • Dressed bodies and built environments: the interactive composition of public space
    Clemens Thornquist
  • Street vending management in Bangkok: the need to adapt to a changing environment
    Narumol Nirathron, Gisèle Yasmeen
  • Not in my face please. Stress caused by the presence of smokers in places with restorative qualities
    Chamila Subasinghe
  • Assessment of user happiness in campus open spaces
    Alshimaa A. Farag, Samaa R. Badawi, Rahma M. Doheim
  • Understanding people’s needs for a vivid public realm as a key towards enhancing modern neighbourhoods’ liveability
    Merham M. Keleg, Marwa Abdellatif
  • Public space quality evaluation: prerequisite for public space management
    Seema Praliya, Pushplata Garg
  • Leading urban change with people powered public spaces. The history, and new directions, of the Placemaking movement
    Ethan Kent
  • Placemaking in the European context. The movement is here to stay
    Jeroen Laven, Anna Louise Bradley, Levente Polyak

"Public space
in cities is a common good, meant to be open, inclusive and democratic, a fundamental human right for everybody."

Dr Luisa Bravo
The Journal of Public Space, Founder and Editor in Chief
City Space Architecture, Founding Member and President
(from the statement submitted at the 26th UN-Habitat Governing Council held in Nairobi, Kenya, 8-12 May 2017)
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