Luisa Bravo


‘The urban lounge and a green view’ was a temporary art installation promoted by City Space Architecture in collaboration with bAQ, Bottega Azioni Quotidiane, a young group of Architecture students from the University of Florence. It was part of the ‘Arte Fiera. International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art’ in Bologna, Italy, and took place during the ‘Art City White Night’ on January 25, 2014. It was intended to transform two parking spots in the core of the historic city of Bologna into places of social interaction. It was inspired by the worldwide famous Park(ing) Day, started in 2005 by Rebar in San Francisco.


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Bravo, L. (2018) “The urban lounge and a green view: A temporary art installation in Bologna during the Art City White Night”, The Journal of Public Space, 3(2), pp. 173–178. doi: 10.32891/jps.v3i2.1115.
Author Biography

Luisa Bravo, City Space Architecture

Luisa Bravo is a global academic scholar and educator, social entrepreneur and passionate public space activist. After completing her PhD, with a thesis on contemporary urbanism, at University of Bologna in Italy (2008), she has been researching, teaching and lecturing in several Universities, in Italy and Europe, the Middle East, USA, Asia and Australia. Visiting scholar at IURD - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California Berkeley (USA, 2012), Visiting Assistant Professor at the Lebanese American University, School of Architecture and Design (Lebanon, 2015), Endeavour Executive Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (Australia, 2018), Luisa is Founding Member and President of City Space Architecture, a non-profit organization based in Italy with a mission to studying, making, spreading and sharing public space culture. She is Founding Editor, Journal Manager and Editor in chief of ‘The Journal of Public Space’, established by City Space Architecture in partnership with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

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