Luisa Bravo
Mirko Guaralda


‘Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City’ was an event held at Habitat III, the United Nations conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, in Ecuador, included in a series of meetings and events at the Pop-up Public Space, Habitat III Village, in Parque El Ejido in Quito. On 26th October 2016, we presented two research projects aiming at community engagement on issues related to the future of the urban environment:
-    the "InstaBooth", a telephone booth-inspired portable structure developed at the Urban Informatics Lab of the Queensland University of Technology - http://www.urbaninformatics.net/projects/instabooth/ - which uses tangible and hybrid interaction such as multi-touch screens and media façades to facilitate face-to-face and digitally mediated discussions;
-    the cinematography competition "Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City", promoted by City Space Architecture - http://www.cityspacearchitecture.org/?p=urban-visions-beyond-the-ideal-city - which is the first film competition in the Italian context involving film-makers at a professional level on topics related to cities and urbanity.


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Bravo, L. and Guaralda, M. (2017) “Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City | Report from the Habitat III Village, Pop-up Public Space”, The Journal of Public Space, 2(1), pp. 161–162. doi: 10.5204/jps.v2i1.60.
Author Biographies

Luisa Bravo, City Space Architecture

Luisa Bravo is an architectural engineer and an academic scholar, educated in Italy, France and the UK. After completing her PhD, with a thesis on contemporary urbanism, at University of Bologna in Italy (2008), she has been researching, teaching and lecturing in several Universities, in Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Lebanon, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Visiting scholar at IURD - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California Berkeley (USA, 2012), Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture and Design, Lebanese American University in Beirut (Lebanon, 2015), she is currently Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, Creative Industries Faculty, School of Design in Australia.
Luisa is founding member and president of City Space Architecture, a non-profit organization based in Italy that performs as multidisciplinary platform for scholars, professionals, artists and citizens engaged in architecture, public space, cities and urbanity. She is Founding Editor and Journal Manager of ‘The Journal of Public Space’, jointly established by City Space Architecture and the Queensland University of Technology in partnership with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

Mirko Guaralda, Queensland University of Technology

Mirko Guaralda is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology; his background includes experience in architectural design, landscape architecture and urban design. Before joining academia full time, Mirko has been working in industry and local government; he has been involved in a wide range of projects at different scales, from small dwellings and gardens, to new estates and urban strategic planning. Since 2001 Mirko has been involved in research projects in Australia as well as in Italy, his home country, and so far has received over $100,000.00 in funding for his work on cities and communities. He is currently research associate with the Centre for Subtropical Design, the Urban Informatics Research Lab and the Children and Youth Research Centre at QUT.
He is Founding Editor of ‘The Journal of Public Space’, jointly established by City Space Architecture and the Queensland University of Technology in partnership with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.


Bravo, L. (2016) ‘Public life and urban humanities, beyond the ideal city’, in Guaralda M., Clift E. and Mattes A. (eds.) Filming the City. Urban documents, design practices and social criticism through the lens, Intellect - The University of Chicago Press, pp. 205-221.

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