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Ball, Di, the BallPark
Baloi, Oana, Global Green Growth Institute
Barnes, Alison, University of Western Sydney
Bashiron Mendolicchio, Herman, University of Barcelona
Bastar, Gibson, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Bazzoni, Filippo, Systematica srl
Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Insaf, Ecumene Studio for Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainable Design
Bennett, Barnaby, University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building
Bergby, Synne, Urban-A
Bezemes, John, Pratt Institute
Bigiotti, Stefano, University of Rome “La Sapienza"
Boggio, Nicolò, University of Parma
Bolici, Roberto, Politecnico di Milano
Boontharm, Davisi, Sophia University
Boontharm, Davisi, Meiji University (Thailand)
Boontharm, Davisi, Meiji University, I-AUD (Japan)
Bowring, Jacky, Lincoln University, School of Landscape Architecture
Bradley, Anna Louise, STIPO / Placemaking Europe
Brandão, Ana Luísa, Universidade de Lisboa
Brandão, Pedro, Universidade de Lisboa
Brant, Linda, Saybrook University
Bravo, Luisa, Queensland University of Technology
Bravo, Luisa, City Space Architecture (Italy)
Briggs, Richard
Brott, Simone, Queensland University of Technology

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