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Vol 7 No 1 (2022)

Cover image: A public space in Johannesburg. Credit: GIZ VCP, Inclusive violence and crime prevention programme.
Cover image: A public space in Johannesburg. Credit: GIZ VCP, Inclusive violence and crime prevention programme.

P R E V I E W  (full issue available online by the end of 2022)

Guest Editors: Amira Osman, Tariq Toffa
Managing Editor: Luisa Bravo
Convenor: Ayanda Roji

Published: 2022-06-27
  • Memorialising Madiba in South Africa
    Robert George Harland, Dr, Yolandi Burger, Alison Barnes, Everardt Andre Burger
  • Spatial Thinking in Virtual Reality, Public Art, and Urbanization
    Vincenzo Cavallo, Andrea Kim
  • Inclusive Environment: Disabled Bodies in the Built Environment of Dar es Salaam City
    Nelly John Babere, Hillary Mvungi
  • Spatial Orders in Informal Settlements
    Brenda Kirabo, Mark Raphael Owor Olweny
  • Public Spaces and Urban Revitalization. Evidence and Insights from Luanda and Maputo
    Ana Cristina Inglês, Inês Macamo Raimundo, Sylvia Croese
  • Transforming Streets to Public Spaces Using Menged Le Sew as a Driver
    Anteneh Afework Mekonnen, Gabriel Ayobami Ogunkunbi
  • Urban Infrastructure Redevelopments and Loss of Public Commons
    Precious Moyo Shoko
  • Containment from Within
    Anders Ese, Kristin Ese, Joseph Mukeku, Romola Sanyal, Benjamin Sidori, Ida Zeline Lien, Synne Bergby
  • Fostering Functional Public Open Space within Low-income, Post-Apartheid Environments
    Anees Arnold
  • Seeing the City through Traffic Hawking and Merchandise Differentials
    Henrietta Omo Eshalomi
  • Largo da Peça in Benguela (Angola) and the Municipal Market in São Tomé (Sao Tomé and Príncipe)
    Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Nagayamma Aragão, Isaac Santos, Diderot Carvalho
  • Multiple Mnazi Mmoja: Exploring Identities of Contemporary African Urban Landscapes
    Finzi Saidi, Jabulani Absalom Makhubu, Dickson Adu-Agyei
  • Residents’ Perceptions of Windhoek’s Streetscapes
    Stephanie Roland, Quentin Stevens, Katrina Simon
  • Rethinking Public Open Space in Khartoum’s Low-income Neighbourhoods
    Nadin Mahmoud
  • Fleeting Public Place and Lasting Communities
    Carmel Rawhani
Non Academic / Case study
  • Public Space in Cape Town. It's not about Design
    Tamsin Phyllida Thokozile Faragher
  • Community Participation in Conservation and Restoration of Green Public Spaces
    LeeAnn Sade Modley
  • From Kibera to Kalobeyei
    Pascal Mukanga, Bernard Heng, John Gendall, Jia Cong Ang, Shirley Chebet, Kezia Ojal, Jack Campbell Clause, Joe Mulligan
  • Hoop it up, Loop it back, Repeat
    Alexandra Cunningham
  • The State of Public Space in Lusaka
    Heba Elhanafy
  • Dialog-oriented Urban Design Processes and the Place-led Approach for Upgrading Informal Settlements in Maputo, Mozambique
    Theresa Koenig, Roland Krebs, Stefan Mayr, Carla Cortez, Shila de Morais, Ricardo Rosão, Ariela Oliveira
  • Achieving Social Cohesion
    Rubi Antoinnette Bongerize
  • Public Epace and Everyday Culture
    Kathryn Ewing
  • Transforming Life for Young People through Public Space Action in Informal Settlements in Sierra Leone
    Gregor H. Mews, Nina Fredslund Ottosen, William Alpha, Paul Abu Kargbo
  • The Urban Pépiniériste, Multiple Skills for Community-based Urban Developments
    Florent Chiappero, Bea Varnai, Pauline Leporcq
  • Legislative Framework Influencing Public Space Development
    Puvendra Akkiah
  • From the Diversity of Endogenous Spaces to the Specificity of Exogenous Space
    Abdellah Moussalih
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